Q?Does Friends ELC accept part time students?
A.Friends ELC supports parents bringing their children on the days/times that it is convenient for them.  We do offer a part time class ONLY for K3 and K4 preschoolers from 8:30-11:30 am with a focus on academics using the Abeka curriculum. When a child is registered full time at Friends ELC, their spot in the class is guaranteed from 6:30 am to 6:00 pm Monday-Friday on all of the days the Center is open.
Q?If I am on a waiting list at Friends FELC when will I know if my child is accepted into the Center?
A.The waiting lists are maintained on a first contacted, first admitted basis with the exception that siblings of registered students get priority. As soon as an opening is identified, the next person on the waiting list is contacted to confirm if they would like to enroll their child. We recommend that parents notify the center of their interest as soon as they learn they are expecting a child to get on the waiting list.
Q?Does Friends ELC have snow days where the Center is closed?
A.Friends ELC Center rarely closes as we understand our parents still need to go to work even when it is snowing and cold outside. As none of our children walk to the Center or have to wait outside for a bus, we are able to be open on days many other schools are closed. The exception is if a state of emergency has been declared by the city of Willoughby Hills, Lake County or the State of Ohio, in that case Friends ELC will be closed.
Q?Does Friends ELC accept government assistance as partial payment?
A.At this time, we do not accept government assistance for the students enrolled in our center.
Q?Is Friends ELC participating in Ohio's Step Up to Quality voluntary quality rating system?
A.Yes, our Director has been attending focused training, our parents have been participating in providing informal assessments, and our teachers have been trained on and are meeting the Step Up to Quality objectives.  We are on track to be awarded a 2 star Step Up to Quality rating.
Q?Does Friends ELC support special diets for cultural or religious reasons?
A.Yes, a child's parent or guardian can provide written instructions regarding special dietary needs or pack a lunch for their child. The Friends ELC Center handbook is available upon request and details requirements and guidelines regarding parent provided food but rest assured your child's dietary needs will be supported.
Q?What ratio of students to teachers does Friends ELC maintain?
A.We meet and frequently exceed the following state regulations for teacher to child ratios:

    • For infants (0-12 months), the ratio is 1:5 or 2:12 .
    • For infants (12-18 month), the ratio is 1:6 or 2:12.
    • For Toddlers (18-36 months), the ratio is 1:7.
    • For Three Year Old Preschoolers (36-48 months), the ratio is 1:12.
    • For Four Year Old Preschoolers (48-60 months), the ratio is 1:14.