Friends Early Learning Center's Toddler Curriculum places a high priority on cultivating self-identity through nurturing guidance and exploration. By creating a safe, consistent and welcoming environment, we help to foster curiosity and confidence within the child as they explore the world around them.

preschool kidsEach day, children are invited to participate in a wide variety of discovery and play based activities that are developmentally appropriate. These activities are hands-on with a focus on all aspects of the toddler’s growth and development. Discovering through play is a natural process for a toddler.

The world around a toddler is most naturally deciphered through play. Interwoven into their play are opportunities to experience new social and emotional situations, as well as develop language skills, reach physical milestones and embrace new concepts. All of their experiences throughout the day are supported by warm, knowledgeable Friends Early Learning Center teachers, who provide a sense of security through a predictable schedule and smooth transitions.

Daily schedules for the children in the Toddler Program:  Toddler Ones (18-24 Months)Toddler Twos (24-36 Months).

Curriculum Used:  Innovations in Early Childhood Education

Partnering with families is a pivotal piece of our Toddler Program. We place high value on establishing and maintaining daily two-way communication with parents. In partnership, we provide consistency between home and school.